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New Picture CAPTCHA

1 Jan 2012 07:44 am
Christmas is over so is the CAPTCHA's Christmas theme. We have been working on a new CAPTCHA system that we believe is easier to the human eye and impossible for a bot to break.

Click here to follow this on the forum with further instructions.

This is how it works. After clicking on an ad a CAPTCHA box will appear. On this box are shown 6 pictures of 5 dogs and 1 cat. Click on the cat to proceed.

If the cat is too hard to find you can click on "Reload" and a new set of pictures will appear.

If you fail to click on the correct picture an error message will show up giving you the chance to try it again by clicking on "Click here to try again".

If you click on the correct picture a message will show up with a link to open the ad. Click this link to open the ad. The ad window will then open just as before but now without the captcha at the top. The timer will start as soon as the website has been loaded.

We have more than 10,000 pictures right now and growing every day. All pictures are provided by Petfinder from people offering pets for adoption. Maybe you will find your future pet here! There's a link to the site, which will open it on a new window, under the pictures for your convenience.

This makes it fun and impossible for a bot to discover which of the pictures contains the cat!

Because all pictures are not verified by us, sometimes there is one or another strange picture hard or almost impossible to understand. This is very rare but in the event this happens just click on "Reload" to get a new set of pictures, odds are that the new set will be easier.

Happy New Year and Happy Clicking!