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Important - Please Read if you can't view ads

6 Mar 2012 12:50 pm
Members, some of you have reported that you are having issues viewing ads. This could be related to your anti virus. If you are running Avira Anti Virus, this may be the issue. A recent update to Avira is blocking javascript on our system. If you temporarily disable avira and it works then you know that's that issue.

A permanent solution is to disable "Webguard" in Avira then you can view ads without issue. To disable webguard do the following:

1. Double-click the Avira umbrella icon on the desktop, to start AntiVir.
2. Click on the + sign next to Online Protection
3. Click on Deactivate for AntiVir WebGuard

Another solution would be to uninstall Avira (as long as you didn't buy it) and install Microsoft Security Essentials, it's a free anti virus program from Microsoft that integrates itself very well into the operating system and works in the background not showing any annoying popups.

You can get Microsoft Security Essentials here:
Microsoft Security Essentials

Thank you
The ClixSense Team