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Surveys and Offers

Why are there no Offers, Tasks or Surveys available to me?
I completed an offer but did not receive my reward, what can I do?

We ask that you submit a support request at our helpdesk here:…t_a_Ticket

Please be sure to include the name of the Offer, when you completed it and any links to screenshots that you may have of the completed offer. We ask that you please click the link below and read the entire post in our forum about our offers as there are some tips and explanations on why some Offers may not convert for you.…ve_Arrived

Why was a survey I did reversed?
What is the value of 1 ClixCent?
Can I change the language the surveys and offers are sent in?
Why didn't I get credit for a Matomy/TokenAds/SupersonicAds offer?
Why is my completed offer or survey pending?
Why can't I update my survey profile?

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