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Affiliate Program

How do I get referrals for ClixSense?
Does ClixSense rent or sell referrals?
What affiliate commission does ClixSense offer?
How does the affiliate program work?
What is my affiliate URL and why should I promote it?
Can I change my sponsor?

NO we do not allow sponsor changes, the only way we will do this is if your current sponsor is suspended or their account is closed/inactive.

It's up to the management of ClixSense to determine whether or not a sponsor change will be permitted.

I referred someone but I do not see them in my downline, why?
What is a campaign and how do I use it?
Am I responsible for taxes on payouts I receive?
Do I earn downline click commissions from my lower levels?
Are there any limits on how many affiliates you can have?
Does ClixSense have a spam policy?

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