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Affiliate Program

How do I get referrals for ClixSense?
Does ClixSense rent or sell referrals?
What affiliate commission does ClixSense offer?
How does the affiliate program work?
What is my affiliate URL and why should I promote it?

We get this question a lot and we’re going to help you understand what your affiliate URL is and give you some tips on how to promote it and hopefully get you some referrals.

The ClixSense affiliate URL consists of the following format:

Where xxxxxxx is your ClixSense account id number. This information is clearly listed on the My Account page when you login. By giving this link to your friends, family or co-workers etc, the people that register from this link will become your affiliates. Because you brought them to ClixSense you will be considered their sponsor. As a sponsor it’s best to try and help your affiliates stay active, teach them to promote and guide them in any way possible.

Where to promote:

This is a tough one. Many of our sponsors have blogs setup dedicated to ClixSense and promote their blog to get new referrals. If you are going to setup a blog make sure you submit this to all the major search engines and website directories.

A lot of ClixSense members who promote use other PTC sites to drive traffic to their affiliate URL. Sometimes this isn’t the best option because ClixSense is so large, many of the people who are members on this other site are probably already a member of ClixSense. So, what can you do? Be creative, try to advertise on a site where you think ClixSense is currently not heavily promoted. Sites like and do very well for new affiliates because of the worldwide reach they have.

Another decent source to get referrals are traffic exchanges like autohits, hitleap or any of the many other traffic exchanges out there. A traffic exchange is a website that will give you free visits to your URL if you surf their site looking at other websites.

Offline advertising: A big source of getting referrals is offline advertising. Hanging signs on bulletin boards, word of mouth, have a tshirt made up or even a magnet for your car promoting your ClixSense affiliate URL. Several members have what they call “ClixSense Parties” where they invite a bunch of people they know over to show them ClixSense, give out pamphlets on how it works and explain to them how they can easily signup for free from their home PCs. One member reported to us that he handed out flyers to people who went to his church on a Friday night for bingo.

Another top sponsor holds a monthly online chat with all of his affiliates so they can ask questions or so they can all brainstorm on how to get more affiliates. He says this open communication with his affiliates has helped him grow his downline significantly because it helps keep them active and interested in ClixSense.

Just try to be as creative as you can in your promotion habits. You may be surprised at how well you do.

In your ClixSense account under the Affiliates link we have the option for you to display a message to your affiliates that only they will see. Many of our top sponsors have messages to their affiliates giving them advice or information on how to contact them and more.

What is the benefit to having affiliates?

More money in your ClixSense account! Every affiliate you have that clicks ads, completes a task, offer or survey your earning a commission from them. If you have upgraded your account to premium then you earn even higher commissions from these affiliates. And if you are a premium member you earn upgrade commissions through 8 levels of affiliates below you.

If you have any questions about promoting, affiliates, commissions or anything else please submit a helpdesk ticket and we’ll be sure to try and answer your question as quickly as possible.

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