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What are the tasks, how do they work?
How does the Tasks Weekly Contest work?
Why are there no tasks available?
I have been flagged/banned from tasks, what can I do?
Why is a task not available if I didn't complete it?
Why are only half the tasks I did being counted?

This problem is related to some of tasks paying only half cent and in order to get paid for those tasks you need to complete them at least twice -- only one transaction will show on your ClixSense tasks history.

They show $0.01 on their tasks listing because they are not able to show 3 decimals ($0.005). This is something we have requested them to fix but it doesn't appear it will be fixed anytime soon.

Also sometimes they pay for more than one task at once as you can see on your tasks history, sometimes you see "(and 1 other job)".

The numbers shown on your ClixSense account are not always matching your Figure Eight dashboard for these 2 reasons.

When I try to login to Figure Eight I get an error, something went wrong, why?
I am getting an error "I do not have permission to work on this task".?